RFC Recipe App Design

I designed a mobile app. The app in question is a recipe app for an imaginary company named RFC or Rempel Family Cookbook that allows you to access your favorite family recipes no matter where you are.

The project was an open ended one that allowed us to create any app we could think of. I decided to tackle a recipe app. I based this company off of a recipe book that my family published a few years ago. I was able to solve a lot of user interface challenges and came out with a project that not only worked but looked nice as well.

This was for a school project that asked us to develop an app from the ground up. I started by working out a Moodboard for the vision of the app. I then moved on to wireframes and a working sitemap. I was also expected to do a logo design for my app that would work in both huge and small format. I then moved on to create a full app Mockup. It went so well that I decided to make a working demo for my app.


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