Mammoth Homes Logo Design

I did a logo design for a local company in Steinbach. The logo in question is for a company named Mammoth Homes owned by Greg Vogt. He wishes to convey a tough, image that is still trustworthy, friendly and known for doing great work.

The project was one of my first full logo designs I took on for freelance outside of school. I met with Greg and discussed with him what his vision for his company was as well as what he wanted from his logo. Being a huge Jurassic Park fan and picking a prehistoric creature as part of his company name he asked me to capture the feel and look of the well know logo. He wanted something that would look great on a t-shirt, as well as huge on the side of a truck or trailer. Another thing he wanted was a silhouette, and a clean look.

I presented the client with for variations of a basic design we had choose to go with. The outcome was great, I was able to have an exciting fun project that fulfilled all of my clients wishes. Both of us were happy with the results and we chose to go with the bottom right out of the four final designs.

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